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From data acquisition to integration in your applications, we manage, transport, secure and process of all your industrial data through the Internet of Things. Our management platform integrates all monitoring and management tools to your connected devices.


Thingsplay offers solutions to industries. Our technology allows data of any type to be acquired by a non-invasive system.
We are also able to connect simply to all programmable automatons with a great deal of ease. Finally, we render any existing object ‘communicating.’


The Thingsplay solution enables precise ‘Track and Trace’ solutions to be made available to business companies, by including specific functionalities and additional sensors. All of this in a single box.


Together with its partner Futurocité, Thingsplay offers energy consumption measurement solutions for public buildings. We thus complete these solutions by measuring the temperature, humidity and CO2 readings in terms of air quality.


Thingsplay solutions enable a large number of quality of life parameters to be measured within homes: temperature, humidity and air quality (CO2), but also to render heating and cooling appliances connected ‘together,’ such as the boiler, heat pumps and air conditioning.