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Thingsplay provide a wonderful Cloud platform to maintain your data available as Easy as Possible.

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Creating your account is free and necessary to get an electronic access to the database. You must create an account to continue accessing your data’s.

Pushing data to the MQTT platform

You can push data to the MQTT database by using any kind of MTT client available. Using Smartphone our IOT Object is easy to login and publish values by Topics.

Accessing the Database

 You can easily reading data by using any MQTT-Subscription. You are able to get data’s when values are changing.

Enjoy applications

We are also providing some specific MQTT tools to give you consolidated information and trending’s. Don’t hesitate to call us for any specific demand.

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About thingsplay

A company specialized in the MQTT and IOT solutions

Our service

We are providing Hardware and software solutions for manufacturers

After longs years of testing and organizing the deployment of IOT products, ThingsPlay have decided to concentrate the development on the acquisition, transport and storage of IOT data’s. The acquisition can be done through one of our adapted board or any other compatible device for MQTT. The transport is secured and crypted. The server is builded around MTT server.

As IBM Partner, we propose our database knowledge on MQTT to all of our customers.

Specific data structure can be builded for specific applications. Don’t hesitate to ask us for any questions.

server iot

Database performance

The database is online sicne more than a year. Our tests are demonstrating the performance results for any kinf of subscription.

  • Pushing Topic 0.97mS

  • Topic Subscription 1.02mS

  • Data status change0.8mS

  • Availability (last 3 months) 100%

Why Choose Us?

Our MQTT database is not an simple MQTT database. Member of the IBM Partner World end entrepreneurship, we have developed a real competencies in real-time database.
The database is cross linked to a MangoDB Server which give you trough different subscription to work on static data’s and consolidations.
The server is hosted in full replication in an Belgium big Data DataCenter. All access and full electricity power give this database as robust as wide and international application.
If you subscribe to Gold our Platinum offer, you can get access to powerful management tools. Those tools give a lot of statistics information, how many data’s stored, changed, in how many times. You can manage many data’s which are stored in the database itself.

Our Featured Services

MQTT Database access

Simple to use MQTT database access for your application. Connect any kind of compatible MQTT objects or applications.

Statistics Tools

You can be informed of any database change and download plenty of DB information’s.

Secure Access

The database is fully secured. The access for publishing or subscribing to the database are always controlled in real-time.


The card can be used in two distinct ways. Autonomously, it can connect your sensors of all types and transmit securely all information in the cloud. You can also use the server to control the outputs of the card, either directly for small powers, or via a relay for larger requirements.
All measured values ​​for the 140 compatible sensors are broadcasted to the server automatically. Just connect the card to the Wi-Fi network.
The second possibility is the use of the card in combination with an Arduino board. She works as Wi-Fi Shield and allows the server to send all the data and receive all the commands you have imagined in your prototype.
Just then plug the card to your Arduino board and connect to the Wi-Fi network.
More detailed technical information are available on the specsheet that you can download. Download spec.pdf
Do not hesitate to contact us for any specific request.


Meet Our Team

Frederic Jourdain

Frédéric Jourdain


Frederic is a passionate of new technologies. Wide experience in networking and computer sciences, he work on the company development in Europe.

George Luel

George Luel


Georges is Engineer in electronics and work from more than 30 years in automation and electronics. Designer of the connected board and in the embedded development is is the technical guy of the company.




ThingsPlay is looking for passionate developers who has an experience in MQTT and/or in MangoDB and Java.

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Our Prices

We offer great prices for your business



  • 20 topics
  • Unlimited Time
  • 3 connected devices
  • 100 Subscription



  • 200 topics
  • Unlimited
  • 10 connected devices
  • 500 Subscription



  • 1000 topics
  • Unlimited
  • 50 connected devices
  • 5000 Subscription



  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited

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